Warning: This blog contains conversations, activities, and projects that have all been implemented in a charter middle school.  What you see and read is real!

When presenting on project-based learning, social justice, mathematics, UDL, and any combo of those three ideas, I am bombarded with the question of “how” to do it.  Social justice in theory sounds fantastic, but implementing social justice ideas into a middle school classroom is much more daunting.

I believe there is a difference between an educator (or any person) saying s/he teaches from a social justice lens or standpoint and the educator who implements social justice topics into the classroom.

This blog is about implementation.  It’s about the trials, the triumphs, the tribulations, the tears that happens daily in my classroom.  This about the “tried that” and “trying again” attitude that we must embrace as social justice educator-implementers!

NOTE:  When vetting the title of this site “Equations for Equity”, my mother asked me where the equals sign was in my first post (social + justice).  I guess the title Expressions and/or Equations for Equity was a little long.  Please indulge the mathematical expressions that are titles, as these expressions lead to important classroom equations.

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