Cool = Cool = Cool

School started today.  As with any new group, we are all getting to know one another, from names to personalities to gender. Yes, gender is something we learn through expression–be it name, clothing, appearance.

One young boy of 11 years old wears his hair long.  During a group activity, a little girl pointed to this long-haired boy, looked at me, and said, “I forget her name.”  Her name.  The young boy sheepishly looked away.  The rest of the class snickered at the gender slip.

All, except one self-aware boy.  Right as I was about to step in to stop the giggling, this boy said, “Hey. Who cares if he was a girl? He’s cool.  Doesn’t matter if he’s a boy or girl. Cool is cool.”

Wise words for someone so young.

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