∑ every interaction

Me with StudentEvery interaction with a student is an opportunity.  Every interaction adds up to a deeper relationship with a student, creating a lasting bond.

The importance of each interaction became transparently clear to me today when a student quoted something I had said to her over two years ago.

“Remember that day I felt really stupid and you said, ‘We all have ways our brain lights a fire. Let’s find your spark.’  Whenever I struggle, I try to find my spark. I found it today.”

Now, I doubt that I said something so eloquently, but apparently I said something that stayed with this student.

I consider myself lucky that I teach 6th – 8th graders, continuing to see students for three years.  I see the growth in my students and form relationships that grow deeper and more mature over the years.

We may never know what words will stick with our students, but we can keep the idea that our words are precious in our hearts.  Every interaction is an opportunity.  An opportunity to find a spark, to spark a match, to light a fire.


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